Knipex EDC Series: 6″ High Leverage Needle Nose Combination Pliers (08 22 145)

Knipex has a new tool in their “EDC Series” – 6″ High Leverage Needle Nose Combination Pliers. The new compact pliers feature a versatile jaw shape with a number of functions and compact size that will keep them pocketable. The jaws have finer teeth near the tips and more coarse teeth nearer the hinge point. I expect that, with the way Knipex hardens their tools, these teeth will provide excellent grip and the included wire cutters will punch above their weight class.

They are already available at online retailers including Amazon: Knipex 08 22 145.

A slimmer variant is also available: Knipex 08 21 145

While the tool itself is noteworthy, it is perhaps more noteworthy that Knipex is now embracing the EDC market. Knipex products are becoming increasingly common every day carry items among aficionados (read: EDC Nerds) and they have developed a large presence on social media because of that fact. Readers of our EDC tool series, The EDC Tool Roll, will be familiar with several EDC-worthy tools from the German tool maker. Previously these tools weren’t necessarily marketed as an “EDC Series” but the EDC market has likely boosted their sales. This latest release could signal Knipex’s foray into tools made specifically for this market and that could mean there are more tools coming that will be at home in any EDC kit or range bag.

You can view all of the available variants of these pliers at

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