Tactical Kydex Flyswatter – PYRENEES.TAC

Fact: Flys throw up enzymes onto food to dissolve it so they can eat it. Every time one of those nasty little buggers lands on your hamburger, it’s barfing on it.

If that doesn’t make you want to kill them all, I don’t know what will. Sometimes a plain old flyswatter won’t do. What you really need is a TACTICAL Flyswatter and PYRENEES.TAC can help.

We’ve profiled French kydex bender, PYRENEES.TAC’s work on JTT before when we showed off their innovative retention strap. Now they are using their kydex bending skills for a higher calling… avenging all the hamburgers that have been ruined by fly vomit!

I get a huge kick out things like this and I am glad someone is thinking of all those poor, defenseless hamburgers.

You can check out PYRENEES.TAC on their Facebook page.

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