There Will Be Blood in the Streets…

It has been just over a year since Idaho’s so-called Constitutional Carry law was put in place. In that year, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety was proven right – children are dying, firearm related crime is sky-rocketing, murders are on the rise, and there is blood flowing in the streets…

Just kidding. Nothing changed. Law abiding people continued to follow the law, exercising their rights peacefully without the requirement for permission. The same story could be written for every state that has adopted some form of permit-less carry.

The Bonner County Bee, a daily newspaper in North Idaho, ran a story highlighting the fact that the terrible happenings contained in the warnings of those opposed to Constitutional Carry have not yet materialized in Idaho. You can read it here: A YEAR IN, NO BIG DEAL WITH PERMITLESS CARRY.

There is one major twist that no one saw coming contained in that story. Some Idaho trainers are reporting that the number of people taking the training to receive Idaho’s enhanced permit (a permit that grants wider reciprocity with states other than ID) has actually increased – not decreased like everyone would have guessed a year ago. It seems that, in some areas, MORE people are seeking at least some form of training.

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