Arbor Arms – “Old” Favorites with New Features

We recently posted about coming across a source for many of the great tactical nylon items that Ares Armor used to sell. The comments on that post quickly made it clear that the source of that gear should be approached with caution (thank you to those who commented). Many were also quick to point out Arbor Arms – the latest venture for Jonathan ZumMallen, the designer of many of those tactical nylon items at Ares Armor.

Arbor Arms has their own line of tactical gear that includes updated versions of their previous designs. The Flex Plate Carrier (PC) features many of the features found on Jonathan’s earlier design including the innovative Cobra buckle cummerbund attachment. It also features a heavy dose of new features. Jonathan told me that he acknowledges that the Flex PC has a high price tag which is why he also designed several cummerbund retrofit kits that can bring much of the Flex PC’s functionality to your existing PC.

Keep an eye on Arbor Arms

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