SIONICS Service Department

It’s no secret that SIONICS Weapon Systems supplies multiple departments around the country with their carbines. There are several reasons for that including the quality of the AR-15s that they produce but one of the things that rely sets them apart is the quality of their support after they make the sale. They have some extremely knowledgeable armorer staff that is able to support their carbines long after the ink on the contract is signed.

Now they are opening up their armorer service to extend beyond just their own carbines and beyond just the departments that they provide carbines to.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce the creation of the SIONICS Service Department. Whether you or your LE Agency needs help dimpling a barrel, rebuilding your AR-15, fixing your AR-15 that doesn’t work or having us build a custom AR-15 for you, we are happy to help. Services are available for any branded Direct Impingement AR-15 and start at $35. Please e-mail us or call us at 520-396-3460 for more details.


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