Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket

The name Hot Pocket has been associated with greasy meat, unidentifiable cheese-like sauce, and burns to the roof of the mouth for too long. Armageddon Gear is bringing honor back to the name, Hot Pocket, by turning it into something very useful for suppressor owners.

The Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket is a clam shell opening pouch that is lined with thermal-control material so that a hot suppressor may be placed inside of it without waiting for it to cool. Once the suppressor is stowed in the Hot Pocket, the entire package can be transported however you choose without fear of damaging other gear in a pouch or bag. The Hot Pocket can also be opened and used like an hot pad to aid in removing a hot can. Finally, it has an exterior slip pockets where you can transport your paperwork along with the suppressor.

The Hot Pocket is available in 2 sizes and a number of colors from

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