Big News from Armageddon Gear – Bungee Webbing

Armageddon Gear has been working their webbing providers for years to develop a new flat webbing with the same stretch characteristics as the bungee webbing they make in house that consisted of strands of shock cord wrapped in tubular webbing. Now, the new material is finally ready and being incorporated into Armageddon Gear’s Carbine Sling and Convertible Carbine Sling.

The new webbing lays flat rather than rolling on the user. This means the slings distribute weight more evenly, move around less, sit closer to the body, but still has the attributes of a bungee sling.

Check out the Carbine Sling and the Convertible Carbine Sling at Armageddon Gear for details. I suspect we will see all kinds of interesting applications for this webbing.

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