Angstadt Arms Integrally Suppressed UDP-9iC

There are phrases that excited any red blooded gun owner. Cheap ammo, range time, belt fed, and… Integrally suppressed.

Angstadt Arms’ upcoming UDP-9iC will be an integrally suppressed version of their standard UDP-9 pistol caliber AR-15 upper receivers with integral suppressors from KGMade Suppressors. The UDP-9iC uppers will be available in SBR/Pistol configuration with an 11.9″ barrel (6″ barrel, 5.9″ core) or a longer 16.1″ barrel version. These uppers will be compatible with ANY 9mm AR-15 lower.


  • 17-4 Heat treated Baffle Stack
  • Grade 9 Titanium Sleeve
  • Full auto rated
  • User Configurable adjustable port system, capably of 0-125 FPS in velocity reduction (Capable of dropping 115gr bulk pack (1200 fps) down to 1075 fps)
  • Vented blast chamber to eliminate First round pop on even 115gr supersonic rounds.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.

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