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“At The Ready” Docuseries from Angstadt Arms

Angstadt Arms has launched a new docuseries on their YouTube channel.

“At The Ready” goes behind the scenes with world class shooters, instructors and industry entrepreneurs to uncover their daily routines, tactics, challenges and motivation. Viewers get to see behind closed doors and learn what makes these individuals tick and pushes them to succeed.

Our goal for “ATR” is to share the lives and stories of the many amazing people in the firearms community and help to normalize firearms to the greater community at large. Each chapter of “ATR” will focus on a single person. With new episodes coming out every month.

Chapter 01 profiles Ian Strimbeck of Runenation, a Marine Corp Veteran who embodies endurance and instructs self-defense through perseverance and action. His motto “No One is Coming to Save You” serves as a constant reminder that in troubling times each individual has a personal responsibility to care for him/herself and loved ones. His philosophies and approach to everyday life have served him, and his students, to see the greatness and possibilities within themselves.

Learn more at: https://angstadtarms.com/atr/

Angstadt Arms MDP-9

Angstadt Arms has released the details for the new MDP-9 and it probably isn’t what you thought it would be… unless you called a roller-delayed blowback PCC that takes Glock mags.


Here are the bullet points from Angstadt Arms:

It’s a true roller-delayed blowback design! It has very low recoil, is great for suppression and all around more pleasant shooting experience that other 9mm actions.

Yes…it runs on Glock magazines, has last round bolt hold open and an extended mag release.

It’s ultra-compact and lightweight, just 14” long and 3.6lbs (empty)

Charging the MDP-9 is done via a non-reciprocating forward charging handle that can be swapped from left to right side.

The barrel is from an MP5 K (5.85″) and has a 3-lug. All other parts in the upper assembly are proprietary to the MDP-9 (including trunnion, bolt, rails, etc.).  

It’s backwards compatible. The monolithic upper assembly can be dropped on an AR-9 or AR-15 lower receiver. For customers that want to upgrade their existing guns, they can purchase the upper receiver assembly. It will include the rear picatinny rail adapter to close the gap and allow for brace mounting options.Goodbye buffer tube! The MDP-9 has a super slim 1913 end rail that can accept a wide variety of pistol brace and rifle stock options. The supplied images show the MDP-9 pistol with no brace as well as with a SB Tactical side-folding 1913 brace. You can also use the telescoping MPX PSB. The MDP-9 upper assembly has receiver cuts to accommodate the rails.

User serviceable. The bolt, rollers, locking piece and rails are made from hardened steel and can be swapped out by the end user. The upper receiver assembly is 7075-T6.


  • MDP-9 9mm Pistol: $2,599 MSRP.
  • MDP-9 9mm Pistol with SB-Tactical side folding brace: $2,799 MSRP.
  • MDP-9 monolithic upper assembly and end rail adapter: $1,799 MSRP.


Angstadt Arms Teases the MDP-9

Angstadt Arms is calling their upcoming MDP-9 “The Subgun Perfected for the Modern Age”. They tell me that this new subgun is “very different than the other pistol caliber options” and the following video has several hints about the new firearm.

You can learn more at AngstadtArms.com.

Sneak Peek: Ballistic Advantage 9mm AR Lowers in Collaboration with Angstadt Arms

Ballistic Advantage is working on a new 9mm lower receiver in collaboration with Angstadt Arms. The lower is clearly still in prototype phase but we already have many of the most important details.

Here are some of the key details:

  • The lowers accept Glock magazines.
  • BA will also be offering complete 9mm uppers to go with the lower.
  • A 5.4oz 9mm buffer kit that includes the correct spring and spacer will be available.
  • The lower will have last round hold open functionality.

Stay tuned for new details.



Angstadt Arms Introduces SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon

Angstadt Arms has taken the wraps off their SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon and their new Sub Compact Stock that is short, short, short!

From Angstadt Arms:

Charlotte, NC, (November 14, 2018) Angstadt Arms is proud to introduce the SCW-9 Sub Compact Weapon. The SCW-9 was designed to meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Army Sub Compact Weapon program. At just 14.7” long and 4 lbs., the SCW- 9 provides greater lethality than pistols and much greater concealability over standard rifles. With a rate of fire of 1,110 rounds per minute, the SCW-9 is capable of accurately engaging threats with a high volume of lethal force.

SCW-9 Key Design Elements

  • Fully ambidextrous controls, including magazine release, safety selector, charging handle and bolt catch and release

  • Accepts GLOCK® 9mm magazines

  • 4” barrel with 3-lug adapter for sound suppression

  • Ability to fire UTM marking and training rounds

  • Overall length collapsed: 14.7”

  • Collapsed stock length: 2.5”

  • Weight: 4 lbs

  • Rate of Fire (approximate): 1,100 rounds per minute

    The Shortest Sub Compact Stock System

    In addition to 9mm, the shortened stock system developed for the SCW-9 has been tested in both 5.56 NATO and .300 AAC Blackout calibers. This allows any M4 style rifle to reduce its overall collapsed stock length from 7” to just 2.5”. Making it the shortest telescoping AR-15 stock system available.

    Angstadt Arms has plans to offer the shortened stock system to other manufacturers who wish to incorporate it into their firearms. A pistol brace version of the shortened stock system is currently in development for the U.S. commercial market.

    About Angstadt Arms: Angstadt Arms designs innovative weapon platforms for military, law enforcement and responsible citizens. Their flagship UDP-9 9mm AR and sub-machine guns are currently deployed in over 25 countries worldwide.

    For more information please visit: www.angstadtarms.com/scw9

    You can learn more about the stock here: https://angstadtarms.com/sub-compact-stock/

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