Blue Force Gear – Belt Fed Loop

Blue Force Gear just expanded their line of specialty sling loops with the addition of the Belt Fed Loop (BFL). Like the various iterations of the UWL and ULoop before it, the BFL is designed to solve sling mounting problems. The forged aluminum BFL is designed for use on the M249 SAW where heat can destroy other types of sling attachments or the sling themselves.

The usefulness of the BFL isn’t limited to the M249. It can be used on anything with a fixed integrated sling loop like the SCAR or AK. It can also be looped through the cooling holes of many aluminum hand guards making it a near universal sling mounting solution. Other Blue Force Gear sling loops can also accomplish this but the design of the BFL allows it to lay flatter against the rifle when used on a fixed sling loop.

You can check out the new Belt Fed Loop at Blue Force Gear.


One Response to Blue Force Gear – Belt Fed Loop

  1. PTMcCain March 2, 2017 at 07:20 #

    $40 a pop? Geezo-Pete.

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