GunfightersINC Spectre Shoulder Holster Upgrades

There are a lot of kydex benders that will help you put a holster on your waist. I think GunfightersINC is hell bent on being the leaders in putting a holster on your upper body with their Kenai Chest Holster and the Spectre Shoulder Holster! Speaking of the Spectre, they have just rolled out a few updates to it including new options, new lower pricing, and a new tool that makes it easy to customize your own Spectre.

The new cant options allow for full size handguns (G34 shown) and 33rd mags to remain concealable.

The new options available for the Spectre include a number of new weapon lights that you can choose on the holster side. You can also now choose to add a 45 degree cant or a vertical orientation to the holster side which makes concealing full size handguns like 1911s or Glock 34/35s easier.

The new pricing is now 25% less than the price of the Spectre at its introduction. GunfightersINC has improved their processes and have streamlined production on the Spectre to the point that they can bring the price in line with their popular Kenai Chest Holster. It’s the same holster but more efficiency means lower prices for you.

Finally, the new Spectre Shoulder Holster Configurator tool opens up a host of new options and gives you complete control over your holster. It walks you through the selection of every option for each configurable part on the Spectre.

If you want a pistol holster on one side and a suppressor holder on the other, you can do that. If you want pistol magazine pouches on both sides to support your pistol caliber carbine, you can do that. If you want pistol holsters on both sides so you can dual wield Glock 19s, you can do that too (just please don’t open carry them to Starbucks so we don’t all look bad).

Check out the Spectre Shoulder Holster Configurator at

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