The BadgerStrap – The Newest Belt from Carbon Tactics

Carbon Tactics has used Kickstarter to successfully launch a handful of belts. Their newest crowdfunding effort is the BadgerStrap – a new take on their very slick Quicky Buckle/Belt.


The new buckle has the same magnetic closure system as the Quicky Buckle and that is a good thing. It is very easy to clasp and release but very secure. It also has a similar sliding belt tension bar which is designed to lock down on the webbing aggressively – especially when the belt is under tension.

The Badger Buckle is available with 3 different patterns machined directly on its face. There is a simple flat version, a square pattern that is reminiscent of a PMAG, and hexagon pattern. It is available with either a single layer of webbing or a double layer. I own two of the double layer belts and find them to be the ideal stiffness for supporting a holster comfortably.

You can learn more about the BadgerStrap on Kickstarter.

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