Berne Expands Concealed Carry Workwear Line

Berne Workwear recently expanded their line of Concealed Carry Workwear. You may remember their initial offering, the Echo One One Concealed Carry Jacket and Vest that makes use of their clever Adder System. The 2016 line includes several new items and 2017 promises even more.

The Concealed Carry Workwear (CCW) line now includes a ladies version of the Echo One One Jacket called the Lima One Three Jacket. Like the Echo Echo One, this is a durable workwear styled jacket with useful features geared specifically toward concealed carry.


The Echo Zero Eight Softshell features the Adder System as well but in a more technical or everyday appropriate softshell jacket format. Being a softshell, it’s wind and water resistant but also breathable. The Adder System keeps your gear organized and accessible. The snap sides give you fast access to your holster.


The final additions for 2016 include the Echo Zero Six Cargo Pant and Shorts. These also feature the Adder System to keep your support gear stowed and accessible. They are built like workwear with triple stitched main seams, reinforced pockets, and wide belt loops.

I used Berne Workwear long before they came out with this line and it has become my preferred brand. It is more affordable than some of the big workwear names and it has held up much better for me. Now that I know they support concealed carry and some of those behind the brand are shooter’s themselves, I am even more excited to see what is in store for Berne and their CCW line.

You can check out the growing Berne CCW line at


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