BERNE Concealed Carry Workwear

I recently recommended BERNE Workwear to a friend after years of using their insulated overalls. My previous preferred brand of workwear has been cheapening their product by shortening the leg zippers, removing the front zipper, and reducing the overall quality of their products but BERNE has maintained steady and excellent quality during that time. That recommendation lead to a discovery that makes me like BERNE even more as a company.

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BERNE has introduced the Echo One One Concealed Carry Jacket and Echo One Zero Concealed Carry Vest. There is also a ladies version called the Lima One One Jacket that is coming soon. These are built with the same toughness and quality that I have come to expect from BERNE products but with design and features specifically meant to support carrying a concealed handgun.

The jackets feature what BERNE calls the Adder System which is a essentially a tear-away pocket that reveals a storage system for carrying and organizing concealed carry gear like your handgun, flashlights, and spare magazines. The pockets are designed to conceal the handgun and also to be cleared quickly during the draw-stroke (see the video below).


I always prefer on-body carry but that may not be possible if you have to wear something like insulated overalls for your work. This could represent a viable option for those whose apparel precludes normal carry options. It is nice to see a workwear company that supports the concealed carry market. It makes it easy for me to decide which company will be getting my money.

You can check out the BERNE Concealed Carry line at and learn more about the Adder System at

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