Whiskey Two Four Laser Cut Ultralight Carrying Strap

Whiskey Two Four’s new Laser Cut Ultralight Carrying Strap is a simple, straight forward, and light weight sling. It is constructed from 1″ webbing for the forward and rear sections of the sling with a wide, laser cut piece of nylon laminate serving to spread the load. The results is a sling that is broad and comfortable but weighs less than 2 ounces.

There are no quick adjust features, no loops for slinging up to tighten your stance, no two to one point conversion functions – just a light, comfortable sling. Mount it like a two point sling on your AR or as a traditional carry strap on your hunting rifle. It works either way.

You can check out the Laser Cut Ultralight Carrying Strap at Whiskey Two Four.


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