Vickers 221 Slings 20% Off at Blue Force Gear

Vickers 221 Slings, apart from being cleverly named (2 to 1, get it?), are regular Vickers Sling with the addition of a Burnsed Socket and your choice of RED Swivel or standard QD swivels. This simple hardware addition adds considerable functionality and makes for very easy and very fast transitions from 2 point to single point configuration.

These slings are a good deal to begin with considering all the hardware they come with but right now Blue Force Gear is offering them at 20% off. You can check out all of the options and some product videos that will give you a great idea of how the sling works (don’t worry, it is exceedingly simple) at

img_9045-600x400 img_9044-600x400

One Response to Vickers 221 Slings 20% Off at Blue Force Gear

  1. Ashley October 4, 2016 at 15:23 #

    Take that optic off that damn rail.

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