Tactical Dynamics LLC AR Pistol Cheek Rest

Tactical Dynamics LLC specializes in radically skeletonized aluminum accessories for the AR-15 and other rifles. Their latest item is a cheek rest meant for use with AR-15 pistols. It weighs just 8 ounces, fits a standard mil-spec receiver extension, and is available in a number of finish options.

Tactical Dynamics LLC Cheek Rest

cheek-rest-render cheek-rest

One Response to Tactical Dynamics LLC AR Pistol Cheek Rest

  1. Cymond September 29, 2016 at 19:54 #

    It doesn’t look very comfortable against the cheek, but maybe all those cuts will be nicely radiused.

    8 ounces send kind of heavy for a mere cheek rest, but might help balance muzzle heavy pistols.

    The fact that it extends past the buffer tube is nice if using it as a counterweight. It would also be a nice extension if we could still shoulder things.

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