First Ever Gunstruction R700 User’s Choice Build

This is the first ever Gunstruction R700 User’s Choice Build!

Gunstruction is a virtual firearm building tool that can be used to help plan your next AR-15, AR308, or Remington 700 based firearm build. They provide a wide array of virtual parts that can be compiled in any way that the user specifies. They are also able to track the parts used most often by their users and these parts are then compiled into monthly User’s Choice Builds. These builds are always an interesting look into consumer trends since Gunstruction’s user base and part selection are fairly broad.


Since this is the very first R700 User’s Choice Build, there are no trends to comment on yet but it is certainly interesting to see Magpul’s continued presence across the AR-15, AR308, and R700 User’s Choice Builds.

You can view the August R700 User’s Choice Build in the Gunstruction app HERE.


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