Griffin Armament Low Pro RIGID Rail – Now Available without the Kit

Griffin Armament’s Low Pro RIGID Rail was initially released as a kit that included one of their excellent Primo Gas Blocks, a full set of their Sheild Rail Panels, and a sling swivel. The kit is a great value if you are setting up a new upper but if you just want the rail by itself, I have good news. The Low Pro RIGID Rails are now available to be purchased on their own.

They come with everything you need to mount the rail including the lightweight barrel nut and a useful armorer’s tool. The Low-Pro RIGID Rails are available in 4 lengths: 8.6″, 10.5″, 13.5″, and 15″. You can learn more about the rails in the official press release. The Low Pro RIGID Rail is available at Griffin Armament.


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