Review: TacPack August Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the August TacPack and it is my favorite so far. Here are the details…


I judge subscription boxes based not only the monetary value they deliver but also the usefulness of the items. I have purchased subscription boxes before and found that they may deliver a good monetary value on paper but be full of useless nick-knacks. That has not been my experience with TacPack and this month’s box is a prime example. I will use every single thing in the box. So far, TacPack boxes always deliver on value and I have been pleased with the usefulness of the items.

Exotac Fireseleeve – I supported the crowdfunding campaign that launched these and I think they are great gear. Exotac’s Firesleeve makes the already great Bic lighter even more functional by making it water-resistant, easier to grip, easier to keep lit without burning your thumb, and adding a lanyard loop.

America Grip Dagger Multi-Tool – This thing is slick. It’s an AR-15-centric multi-tool that is unlike any other that I own. It is especially solid for clearing some nasty types of stoppages. It has a tool for removing cases with head separation and a clever tool that is radiused for hooking under the rim of stuck brass. It can also be used to push pins, adjust optics, as a flat blade screw driver, and bolt scraper. Best of all, it folds into a very compact shape that can be clipped just about anywhere. This is going into my range kit.

Kershaw EDC Pack – Many of Kershaw’s knives are pretty inexpensive but they aren’t cheap if you get my drift. I have always had good luck with them so this is a nice inclusion. The pack includes a small multi-tool, a Kershaw knife, a flashlight, and a branded dog tag. The multi-tool is okay. The flashlight is pretty cheap but it works. The dog tag is silly. The knife, however, is solid and you always have room for a solid knife in a kit or tool box.

Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro – Everyone needs more gun oil. I don’t worry much about my gun oil because, regardless of the brand, I am going to use it the same way. I add lots of it so the gun stays wet, apply lots more when it starts to dry out, and repeat. They all work if you use them that way. However, I do like when a lube provides good protection from corrosion which, in my unscientific experience, Breakthrough Clean products do. I have to say that I like the precision applicator bottle on this Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro quite a bit. I also like that a 10% off coupon code was included for future Breakthrough Clean purchases.

GBA Sticker – Your tool box probably has room for another sticker.

On the whole, I think this is the most solid box to date. Previous subscription boxes that I have tried became progressively more nick-knack oriented. TacPack seems to keep going strong and may even be improving over time. I’ll take a few useful, high-value items over a pile of useless junk that is included to pad the monetary value any day. Well done TacPack. Well done.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the September box.

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