Tactical Link PDW Grip

Tactical Link is rolling out a new grip designed specifically for use on PDW style AR-15s. Like any other grip with a more vertical grip angle, many shooters can find it to be more comfortable on any AR-15 – not just those with shorter stocks.


From Tactical Link:

The PDW Grip is a drop-in upgrade for AR style rifles with a more vertical angle, optimized for short LOP (length of pull) personal defense weapons (PDW), bringing the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body, encouraging a more natural “elbows in” shooting posture which substantially reduces wrist fatigue and is concurrent with modern shooting doctrine.

Made to the finest standards from an extremely durable fiber-reinforced polymer, the PDW Grip is the result of extensive professional shooter feedback and engineering excellence that has produced one of the finest shooting upgrades in the market today. The PDW Grip sports a patent pending design with “zones” of moderately aggressive surface texture to provide unmatched gripping properties for positive weapon control in all environments.

The PDW Grip is compatible with most lower receiver mounting platforms (forged or billet) and provides improved biomechanics to better align the trigger finger for a more comfortable and direct rearward trigger pull. Due to its hollow core design (no internal storage), the PDW Grip weighs only 2.1 oz and since the PDW Grip is a drop-in upgrade it is sold without a grip screw.

Shooter Refined Ergonomics: at 14 degrees, the PDW Grip is 235% (19 degrees) more vertical than the standard A2 grip and is the most comfortable and relaxing grip on the marketplace. Places the hand’s flexor muscles on more of the same plane creating a more natural hand position for a more natural hand position with little to no fatigue even during prolonged use.

Optimized Biomechanics: small beavertail backstrap provides enhanced ergonomics and allows the operator’s hand to ride high on the grip for improved recoil management and fire control.

Tactile Gripping Texture: much more aggressive texture than most other grips on the marketplace. “Zones” of more aggressive anti-slip texturing on the palm panels for excellent gripping properties and for positive weapon control in all environments.


  • All edges rounded for operator comfort
  • Reinforced beaver tail for extra rigidity
  • Aggressive PSP (Pentagonal Surface Projections) Texture on both palm panels for superior weapon control
  • Grooves on the front and rear backstraps for optimal anti-slip surface and excellent gripping properties
  • Accommodates the “seam” commonly found on the beaver tail of forged lower receivers
  • Unique trigger guard design provides a very comfortable, and absolutely the best fit at the trigger guard area of any grip on the market
  • Grip “pulls” the operator’s hand forward into the grip for a more positive grip and better operational control of the weapon
  • Robust design easily exceeds industry standards for quality, strength and durability
  • 100% made in USA


2 Responses to Tactical Link PDW Grip

  1. Specopsbunny August 8, 2016 at 11:07 #

    I dont like the upper tang thing on a lot of these grips.

  2. E-Rock August 8, 2016 at 11:59 #

    So, it’s a nearly direct copy of the Magpul K2 grip… OK then.

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