GunfightersINC CAS/C5S IWB Holster

GunfightersINC has a new holster in their lineup – the CAS/C5S. The holster, designed especially for compact, single-stack pistols, was designed for appendix or strong side inside-the-waistband carry. Interestingly, GunfightersINC tells me that that the spare magazine position may not be ideal but works surprisingly well for strong side carry and it is their hope that a holster like this will encourage more people to actually carry a spare magazine.


From GunfightersINC:

The current market trends show an overwhelming push towards lightweight, highly concealable single stack pistols. These pistols are easy to carry and with the right holster, are barely noticeable under a wide array of cover garments. The major trade-off with a single stack 9mm is capacity. Even with a +1 or +2 baseplate, you are still sitting at half the round count of a double stack pistol such as a Glock 19. While it is certainly an option to carry magazines in pockets or in a separate pouch, we wanted to offer a system that would allow you to have a spare magazine at the ready in a streamlined low-profile system.

The CAS/C5S IWB Holster is available in two configurations: The CAS positions the firearm vertical for easy concealment and your magazine at 30° angle for the fastest and most natural possible in the 12 O’clock position.  The C5S is designed to sit on the strong side of the body, with a canted firearm (10-15°) and slightly canted magazine (10°) for fast draw and minimal printing in the 3-5 O’clock position. The rounds are set to face toward the firearm to enhance quick reloads. The holster is contoured to have a steep curve that pulls the firearm and magazine into the body to reduce printing and aid concealment.

We designed the CAS/C5S holster to be a simple, one-piece unit that you can easily take on and off with little trouble. The minimalist design prevents discomfort by limiting bulk and unnecessary material, yet still offers a full sweatshield to protect your firearm.  No fighting overly complex clip systems or bulky brackets. No threaded fasteners to work loose. No magazines floating around in pockets or an extra holster that you have to deal with. Our experience has shown us that if your holster is uncomfortable or needlessly complex, you won’t wear it.

The CAS/C5S is available for a wide variety of compact and subcompact firearms from most major firearms including 1911s, Glock, FNH, H&K, Sig, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Ruger and Walther.

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