Public Service Announcement: Check Your Bore/Suppressor Alignment Before Shooting

Griffin Armament recently posted this picture of a 30SD that fell victim to an out of alignment AKM. It is not uncommon for AKs to have muzzle threads that are out of aliment with the bore but this can happen with almost any firearm. It is a best practice to check for alignment with any firearm/suppressor combination before shooting.

Remember: The threads must be concentric to the bore, not the outside of the barrel (though ideally, the threads, bore, and outside of the barrel are all concentric). If you are going to invest in a suppressor, it may also be wise to invest in a suppressor alignment rod.

The good news here is that the damage was confined to the baffle stack and Griffin Armament was able to repair this 30SD.

griffin 30sd baffle strike

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