AK Rhodesian Sling from Andy’s Leather Shop

This is good news for AK shooters (there seems to be a lot of that lately). Andy’s Leather is now producing an AK-specific version of their excellent Rhodesian Sling.

andys ak rhod sling loop

For those unfamiliar with the Rhodesian Sling concept, it is a shooting sling and as such it works to carry your rifle and as a shooting aid. It has a lot in common with the venerable Ching Sling in that it incorporates an adjustable “cuff” that the shooter can quickly shove their support arm through in order to tighten the sling and steady the rifle. However, unlike the Ching Sling which requires two attachment points at the front of the rifle and one at the rear, the Rhodesian Sling requires only one at the front of the rifle and one at the rear.

Andy’s Leather Shop’s AK Rhodesian Sling uses the standard sling attachment points found on many AK pattern rifles, especially those with fixed stocks. The rear attachment point is secured with two Chicago screws that should be treated with thread locker once installed. The front attachment point makes use of an HK style snap hook to attach to the AK’s handguard retainer sling loop. If you are a left handed shooter, you can use the Blue Force Gear UWL to adapt this sling to left-handed use.

andys ak rhod sling front attach

The sling itself is made with all the quality materials and attention to detail you expect from Andy’s Leather. The all brass hardware is bomb-proof and coated with Cerakote to reduce glare. The thick, supple leather is cut over-length so that it can fit shooters of all sizes and be trimmed to length. These slings are made to last.

The AK Sling is on sale for $10 off it’s normal price. You can check out the new AK Rhodesian Sling at Andy’s Leather Shop.

andys ak rhod sling 1

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