Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Evolution

The Smith & Bradley Sans-13 is about to get a serious make over. The dynamic watch duo of Smith & Bradley have designed a slick new face that looks striking and takes the Sans-13’s lume game to a new level.

SB Sans-13 Udpate

The original Sans-14 had great lume. Rather than a coating like most watches, S&B used small lume tubes as markers. The new watch also eschews lume coatings for the markers. Instead, the face is actually a sandwich design where the markers are cut out, allowing an entire plate of lume material to show through. Even the hands have a plate of the material installed on them rather than a coating. The detail in the small numeral marker cutouts looks incredible.

sb sans13 update face

There will be more details coming soon (movement, pricing, availability, etc.) but S&B is claiming this will be the best watch in its price range. Check out Smith & Bradley.

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