Review Update: Black River Tactical Covert Comp

It has been more than a year since I originally wrote the Black River Tactical Covert Comp review and it has continued to be a very solid performer for me since then. When I wrote the original review, I was looking for a muzzle device for shorter barrels but my biggest surprise was how well-rounded and well-mannered the Covert Comp was on a 16″ barrels. I have become even more convinced of its merits on longer barrels now that I have spent even more time with it.

BRT Covert Comp Interior

The Covert Comp is somewhat unique in the realm of linear comps in that it is very compact and it does a good job of reducing flash. In fact, it is similar to the A2 flash suppressor in terms of size, weight, and flash reduction. Many linear comps are really meant only for shorter barrels. They tend to be large and heavy due to features designed to create additional back-pressure. Longer barrels don’t need that additional back-pressure to function and they certainly don’t need the additional weight. Most linear comps also do very little to reduce muzzle flash – they simply direct it forward.

It is that combination of compact size and flash suppression that has really endeared to me as an all around muzzle device. The bonus is that it still does what linear comps do which is make recoil more linear with less muzzle rise all without increasing noise or concussion to the shooter or those around the shooter. There really aren’t many muzzle devices out there that can do those things.

You can gain more muzzle control with a brake but you’ll also gain noise, concussion, and flash. You can probably find larger linear comps that do a better job of directing sound forward but it will come with a weight penalty and probably won’t reduce flash as well. The Covert Comp exists in a functional sweet spot that has me convinced that linear comps, like the Covert Comp, are very underrated as all-around muzzle devices.

The Covert Comp proves that linear comps aren’t just for short barrels!

Check out the Black River Tactical Covert Comp.

BRT Covert Comp Side

3 Responses to Review Update: Black River Tactical Covert Comp

  1. TT June 26, 2016 at 19:15 #

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for posting this article; I’ve actually been considering this linear chomp for a while but am unsure of its performance at reducing concussion compared to a bare muzzle. Would you be able to comment on that at all?

    • Matt June 26, 2016 at 21:54 #

      It should help. Just don’t expect it to be like a silencer/suppressor.

  2. Lando June 26, 2016 at 21:39 #

    BRT Covert Comp found a home on my Tavor, really shines there.

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