Trijicon Accupoint/Accupower Magnification Lever

Trijicon has released the AC20007 Accupoint/Accupower Magnification Lever and it is noteworthy for its extremely compact size and light weight (.29 oz). Unlike most aftermarket levers that are functionally similar, the new AC20007 does not require a full ring structure to wrap around the optic’s magnification adjustment ring. It simply clamps to the nub on the adjustment ring.

trijicon mag lever

If you are considering purchasing one, take note of the optics that it fits:

  • AccuPoint®: TR25, TR26 only
  • AccuPower®: RS20, RS22, RS24, RS29

Check out the new AC20007 Accupoint/Accupower Magnification Lever at Trijicon.

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