Mission Spec Instructor Red EOC Now Reflective

Mission Spec is introducing a change to their “Intructor Red” EOC Plate Carrers by adding reflective elements. This change makes good sense for allowing instructors to maintain visibility in low light training.

From Mission Spec:


From this point forward all Instructor Red EOCs will feature an integrated strip of highly reflective tape (front and back) to boost the plate carrier’s visual signature to the next level.  This design change does not impact the EOCs berry compliance or limited lifetime warranty.  The non-reflective Instructor Red EOC can still be requested by special order if desired. Individuals/Departments/Units requiring the previous version will need to contact Mission Spec directly via the website contact form or phone number located on the same page.

MS-RedEOCReflect-01 MS-RedEOCReflect-02

The reflective Instructor Red EOC is available now at MissionSpec.com or authorized Mission Spec dealers at no increase in cost.


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