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I have purchased several t-shirts and sweatshirts over the years from Magpul – not because of the logo but because they have always had very good quality clothes with great details. Even my wife has some shirts that she likes from them. Now they are pushing beyond, way beyond, just t-shirts and hoodies…

Magpul apparel is here.


From Magpul:

“Everyday Wear”

In Magpul Core, “everyday” could mean scrambling across a snow covered ridgeline, trekking across the plains of Africa, or working through triple canopy jungles, but…much larger percentages of our lives are spent in far less adventurous settings.

Magpul Apparel is engineered with performance in mind–using modern fabrics and fabric treatments–and is designed to be comfortable and effective during demanding activities. We included smart features that make a difference and avoided the temptation to include “add-ons” that look better on paper than they perform in the field.

The apparel line was also created with the goal of being equally at home in a restaurant, an airport, or a market, and not look like some sort of costume, as “tactical” or “performance” clothing often does.

Our design team has chosen timeless styles that can remain stable–so that shirt that you really like is available to purchase next year, and not discarded with the seasonal fads of fashion.

We’re also bringing this line to you with the same “value for money” proposition we offer with all of our products, so that your dollar goes further to get the features, materials, and fit that you want–no matter what you do or where you choose to do it.

“Everyday Where?”

One Response to Magpul Apparel

  1. Jim May 23, 2016 at 23:00 #

    Man this is another swing and a miss for Magpul. That video made me want to stick hot needles in my ear, who the hell in their marketing department thought that was a good idea? Their glock mags suck, their AK mags suck, the only thing their riding on is their AR mags, which competitors have now surpassed, like Lancer. Boo Magpul, booo

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