Falcon 37 Inc. HABU Mod 1 for 5.56mm/.223 Charging Handle

Comb risers and AR-15s typically don’t get along unless the design of the comb riser accounts for the movement of the charging handle. Ambidextrous operation of a charging handle usually requires a lever on each side of the charging handle which may be prone to snagging. The new HABU Mod 1 for 5.56mm/.223 from Falcon 37 Inc. thumbs its nose at those notions.

HABU Mod 1

You can think of the HABU Mod 1 for 5.56mm/.223 as a charging handle with a built-in cheek rest. Rather than a “T” shaped structure, the Habu Mod 1 terminates with a pad that rides over your stock. The pad is both a cheek rest and a large, easily operated handle for charging the host weapon. It is accessible by either hand and thus completely ambidextrous. The pad rides over the stock and can’t interfere with a comb riser because it is the comb riser.

Its an interesting concept that you can learn more about at Falcon37.com.

HABU Mod 1 for 5.56mm_.223 installed

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