TOPS Knives Brakimo – Now Available

Here is some free advice if you are shopping for a knife… If Joe Flowers designed it and TOPS Knives produced it, you can’t go wrong. Joe has had a hand in several great TOPS knives including the Shango series, the Machete .230, and the Lite Trekker. The Brakimo is now joining that list.

The Brakimo is a result of the collaboration between Bushcraft Global (Joe’s adventure/survival school) and TOPS Knives. This knife is designed to be the flagship knife for the school. It is meant to serve as a companion to a machete in the jungle or a good all around field knife where ever you find yourself. The Brakimo has already been vetted in the Amazon jungle on previous Bushcraft Global trips.


From TOPS Knives:

It has a fairly wide blade profile combined with TOPS’ modified Scandi grind that gives it great cutting and splitting power. The tip narrows dramatically to make it useful for drilling holes for bow-drill fires, blow gun mouth pieces, traps, etc. The simple design is perfect for many different uses. Made with 1095 high carbon steel, it’s easy to maintain the edge while out in the field. We found through testing on the 2015 Bushcraft Global trip that by keeping it dry whenever possible, rust was not an issue.

The word Brakimo comes from the Matis language (which is unwritten as far as we are aware). The Matis is a tribe found in Brazil that was uncontacted by the modern world until 1975-1976. The tribe has a unique way of life that would challenge the survival skills of any survival expert. If you’re lucky enough to participate in a Bushcraft Global adventure, odds are that you’ll get to meet one of these extraordinary people and learn a few of the skills they use to survive daily life in the jungle.

See the specs below for more details. Check out the Brakimo at TOPS Knives.


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