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Appendix carry is hot right now and GunfightersINC is at the forefront of appendix carry system development.

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From GunfightersINC:

GunfightersINC introduces revolutionary new TAC OPS holster for the concealed carry market.

GunfightersINC strives to build products that push the envelope of design and make people ask, why didn’t we think of this year ago? Aiming to blend the best of Nylon, Kydex and other materials to make a dynamic carry solution, GunfightersINC looks at the current carry paradigms and works hard to challenge accepted presumptions about what is possible in holster design.

In the Kenai Chest Holster, they rethought the classic guide holster to be better with backpacks and waders in wet environments. In the Spectre they rethought the classic shoulder holster to have a smoother draw and optimum fit.
But being a constant innovator requires a company to continue to move forward at all costs. We turned our attention next to Appendix carry.

Appendix carry has both huge upsides and downsides depending on the end users level of training, fitness and body type. It is fast to draw, highly concealable and makes you feel like a covert operator. Some major downsides are concerns about flagging of sensitive and highly vital organs, lack of access when seated and discomfort for end users with more nutritional storage capacity.

Gunfighters took these issues into consideration and is proud to introduce the new TAC OPS holster. TAC OPS (which stands for Tactical Appendix Carry Optimized codPiece System) will make even the most skeptical detractor of Appendix Carry want to jump on board.

The base of the TAC OPS is 1000d denier nylon, able to withstand the rigors of day to day urban life. In addition to being an optimal way to carry a firearm, the TAC OPS will also prevent the end-user’s trousers from becoming stained with ketchup or bbq sauce. Easy to clean and highly durable, the TAC OPS will allow you to maintain the incognito “Grey Man” look easily.

To eliminate to dangers of swift removal of vital organs should the individual fumble the reholster, the TAC OPS features integrated Kevlar ballistic protection. Additional, the central placement of .08 Kydex on the outer shell of the TAC OPS reduces chances of blunt force trama to the operators vital organ. Tested for protection against both punted soccer balls and “sack taps” the TAC OPS has you covered.

To increase the level of comfort, the TAC OPS integrates a stretch nylon belt system. This system is not dependent on belt loops, allowing the individual to choose pants that match the environment. Headed to the local department store? Grab your favorite sweat pants. Headed to the beach? The TAC OPS with allow you to grab your favorite swim trunks without compromising on choice of firearm.

To reduce draw and reaction times, the TAC OPS features a user adjustable braided 550 Paracord retention strap. This strap aids the end-user in fast draws and also gives 2 meters of 550 cord for Bug Out or Survival situations.

While primarily designed for Open Carry, with the right concealment garment, the TAC OPS offers a low visual signature and due to the optimal appendix position the general public will not notice it anyways. If they do notice it, they’re bound to shrug it off as an athletic cup or perhaps even that you are a “real” operator with larger than average equipment to meet mission requirements.

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