Coming Soon: Perroz Designs Triple Magazine Placard

Perroz Designs is finalizing the design of their upcoming Triple Magazine Placard. This triple magazine panel is designed to integrate into their own plate carriers like the LPSPC and MSPC or many plate carrier compatible with the industry standard SwiftClip system.

perroz placard

The placard features bungee retention with a Hypalon wrapped pull tab. It is also compatible with the Haley Strategic MP² Magazine Pouch Inserts. The placard is constructed from 500D Cordura nylon and Velcro backed for mating with loop Velcro equipped plate carriers. It also has Hyaplon pull tabs at the lower corners so that it can serve as a sort of cummerbund flap on the Perroz Designs carriers.

It is currently available for 5.56 magazines with a 7.62 version coming soon. Check out the 5.56 Triple Magazine Placard at Perroz Designs.

perrox placard mounted

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