Kitchen Sink Pouch – Wilde Custom Gear

Kitchen+Sink+Pouch+FrontWilde Custom Gear’s Kitchen Sink Pouch (KSP) is aptly named. This single pouch incorporates dedicated storage for several different items that would otherwise require the use of 3 or 4 separate pouches.

The KSP has a flap covered pouch for stowing a pistol mag, flashlight, multitool, Snickers bar, or similarly shaped items. There is an open top AR-15 magazine pouch with bungee retention behind the pistol mag pouch.

The KSP also features 2″ deep, flap covered pouch for stowing medical supplies or admin items. The front of this pouch has a small loop Velcro field for patches, ID, or a cross patch to indicate that the pouch contains first aid items. The bottom of the pouch has 2 elastic loops that can be used to store a folded tourniquet.

I could see a pouch like this being used on a compact chest rig where space is at a premium. Check out the Kitchen Sink Pouch at Wilde Custom Gear.

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