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Wilde Custom Gear – New Streamlined Process for Custom MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

If Wilde Custom Gear has a flagship product, it’s their Custom MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel Organizers. These panels turn the door of gun safe from a nearly useless waste of real estate to an organization enthusiast’s wet dream.

Now it is even easier to order these custom products thanks to their new streamlined ordering process. Potential customers only need to select a color, enter dimensions, and then select a few of the common options. The base price is calculated in real-time. This is still a custom product so there is also a place on the product page to enter special requests and notes.

Check out the new ordering process at WildeCustomGear.com.


Wilde CUSTOM Gear

Wilde Custom Gear has the word “CUSTOM” in their name for a reason. Yes, they have a growing line of off-the-shelf tactical nylon gear. However, they still take on a lot of truly custom projects like their safe door organizers which must be tailored to each individual safe.

Sometimes those custom projects have a decidedly local flair. Given their location in southern California, this request for a custom padded surfboard carrying case in M81 probably isn’t that surprising… But, it is definitely too cool not to share.


Wilde Custom Gear Facemask Project

Wilde Custom Gear has begun production of washable, reusable facemasks for medical professionals in their area. These masks are not available for sale but will be donated. If you are a medical professional in the San Diego area, you can contact them through their website: WildeCustomGear.com

If you are not a medical professional but would like help, consider adding a donation when you shop with Wilde Custom Gear.

Photo shows prototype mask

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