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Hopefully you are already familiar with They are a great source for gun and gear news and reviews. Now, they are also becoming a great source for the gear itself via their new Megiddo Tactical Group brand.

I am familiar with much of the gear they are already carrying and it is good stuff. Their kydex goods are manufactured for them by David Lathrop. I know his work from K Rounds which is very good news since K Rounds, in my experience, makes excellent holsters. You’ll also find proven Elzetta flashlights and other gear like magazines carriers.

You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on Megiddo Tactical Group.


From and

Tactical gear review blog, has just entered the custom holster market with their partner company, Megiddo Tactical Group ( Megiddo Tactical Group is a law enforcement (LE) owned and operated company, will serve law enforcement, military and civilian holster markets through Megiddo Tactical Group branded premium Kydex holsters.

Megiddo Tactical Group may be a new brand, but our team is not new to the holster industry and is fueled by a passion for forward thinking and driven by experienced industry leaders to serve both individual consumer needs as well as those of a larger organizations.

The Megiddo Tactical Group design team is led by industry guru David Lathrop, who began designing and manufacturing almost two decades ago with Blade-tech Inc., then moved to the inception of K Rounds, another notable Northwest holster company, where his design and style is the sole inspiration of their product line.  David has now taken his vision to the next level in a permanent partnership with Megiddo Tactical Group.  Having complete design and manufacturing authority has given him the canvas to create an impeccable product line – a product line based on 17 years of experience as well as some of the best breakthroughs this industry has seen.

Currently, Megiddo Tactical Group offers a full line of premium Kydex holsters, using only the highest quality materials and an unparalleled manufacturing processes, as well as the battle proven line of Elzetta Tactical Lights. In addition, Megiddo Tactical Group specializes in custom holster solutions for the civilian and defense industry.

Future product development is underway as well as plans to expand the number of quality tactical products from trusted brands.

What sets Megiddo Tactical Group apart from the competition? We offer an exceptional skill-set, backed by both end user experience and the ability and depth of knowledge in our team to produce and offer a phenomenally priced product with unmatched quality.

All manufacturing is proudly done in the United States and we stand fully behind our products to offer the industry’s strongest warranty.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information about Megiddo Tactical Group visit and use coupon code “MTG” for a complimentary 15% off your first purchase.

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