Lancer Unveils New MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard and Announces Decision to Fully Adopt M-LOK Mounting System

Lancer has released several newsworthy items in advance of the SHOT Show. They are well known for their use of carbon fiber in their hand guards and now they are bringing the advanced material to the SIG MPX. On top of that, they have announced that they are boarding the M-LOK train which makes more sense from a manufacturing/structural standpoint for use with carbon fiber.


From Lancer:

Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components engineering company, today announced its new Lancer Carbon Fiber Handguard for the SIG SAUER® MPX subgun. The Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard will be M-LOK compatible and offer customers significant weight reduction and heat mitigation over the OEM aluminum forearm. Also today, Lancer announced it will fully adopt the M-LOK modular locking accessory mounting system for its line of carbon fiber handguards. The Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard, and the company’s full line of M-LOK compatible carbon fiber handguards, will be sold direct from Lancer Systems beginning Spring 2016.
The Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard is engineered from the same reliable, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer as Lancer’s LCH5 and LCH7 handguard product lines. It will be available in three sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch lengths ranging in weights from approximately 4.0-ounces to 6.7-ounces respectively; an approximate 48% weight reduction over the OEM aluminum handguard. Installation of the Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard will be identical to that of the OEM forearm.
“We’re excited to introduce our new Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard to the market and bring MPX customers a lighter, stronger upgrade. The handguard’s M-LOK slots maintain their structure in carbon fiber form, unlike KeyMod, and give even greater option to MPX owners who otherwise use M-LOK mounting accessories,” said Kas McManus, business area manager of advanced weapons & components, Lancer. “Across the board, our customers have been asking for M-LOK compatibility. We’re eager to make the switch this spring, starting with our MPX handguard.”
The Lancer MPX Carbon Fiber Handguard and select LCH5 M-LOK compatible Lancer handguards will debut at Industry Day at the Range™ on Lancer’s lane LR-6, and SHOT Show® 2016 in Lancer’s booth, 7503.

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