Toy guns and swords are disappearing from store shelves as our nation becomes increasingly politically correct and hoplophobic. If there are any toy guns available, they are generally poorly made and imported, or more complex than they need to be for child’s play (airsoft). That is why it warms my heart to come across a company like SturdiGuns.


SturdiGuns makes simple, affordable toy guns, swords, battle axes, grenades, and more from honest-to-goodness wood. Your kid isn’t going to break these within the first few minutes of play. The selection is stunning. They have everything from frontier rifles, to WWII era SMGs, to modern AR-15s. They have gun that are obviously fantasy and guns with recognizable and realistic appearance.

Wooden toy guns aren’t new and these work for all the same reasons that wooden toys always have. They are lightweight, strong, and safe. They can be painted and customized. If they form rough spots, they can be easily repaired with sand paper.

These are the types of wooden toy guns that I wish I could have bought or made when I was a boy. Check out SturdiGuns.


One Response to SturdiGuns

  1. Patrick January 8, 2016 at 09:43 #

    These rifles are only in the $20 dollar range?! I am definitely getting one…for my…son…?

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