Snake Eater Tactical Dump Pouch

The new Dump Pouch from Snake Eater Tactical (SET) has several features you expect from a dump pouch and one huge trick up its sleeve that you might not expect. It is constructed from heavy duty mesh with a drawstring adjustable opening. It also features a loop Velcro field for ID, patches, or it can be used with a SET Chemlight Panel.


In addition to all those features, it does something that I have never seen before. The user can mount a slim magazine pouch (like the SET Burro Pouch) inside the Dump Pouch. This basically means the dump pouch can be mounted BEHIND the magazine pouch which is very clever. This allows the magazines and dump pouch to occupy the same space on your belt. This not only save space but puts the destination for your spent mags at the same place you pick up a new magazine, saving time and movement.

Check out the new Dump Pouch at Snake Eater Tactical.

Snake-Eater-Tactical-Dump-Pouch-5-web-copy Snake-Eater-Tactical-Dump-Pouch-7-web-copy

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