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Magpul does everything well and I have no doubt that the new Magpul CORE Blog will be worth reading.


From Magpul:

The mission of Magpul CORE is simple: to project the founding principles of Magpul Industries Corporation to the customer, and to be the nexus of design and employment when developing new products. This mission is accomplished through a variety of channels such as firearms and adventure training courses, media and communications outlets, end-user interaction, and a relentless daily drive to improve.

This ethos generates a tremendous amount of information.  Knowledge and experience; successes and failures. All are valuable in their own way. This information has no value if hidden away, and the Magpul CORE Blog is our outlet to share.

Gear:  Hard use and real feedback. Critical evaluation of the details drives constant improvement.

Adventure:  The good, bad, and ugly moments of life away from the comforts of home.

Fitness: Fitness is a vital and often ignored part of all things related to life.  Whether you’re a military or law enforcement professional, firearms enthusiast, hunter, or a concerned citizen you’ll find information on optimizing physical performance.

Event and Competition Coverage:  Challenging skills, equipment, and people in a realistic environment, competition is the proving ground for readiness.

The first post will cover the 2015 Recon Challenge.  Read about a group of elite Marines who test themselves mentally and physically in honor of their fallen comrades.

Expect weekly articles covering a broad range of topics spanning across the four different categories.  Visit


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