Limited Edition AK Sling Version 4 at Blue Force Gear

The Limited Edition AK Slings are back at Blue Force Gear. These never last long so act fast. There are only 200 available!


This is the fourth version that they have produced. It features all the functionality of a VCAS but with some nostalgic, AK touches that really set it apart. The front attachment point is a brass, original AK style snap hook. All of the hardware is Plum colored nylon. The pull tab used to rapidly adjust the slings length is leather and the sling features a very cool, hand stamped “proof mark” that sets it apart as one of the Limited Edition AK Slings.

All of these features combine to create a sling that looks like a period AK sling but has modern functionality. I own one of the first editions and it is almost too great looking to use… almost.

Check out the Limited Edition AK Sling Version 4 at Blue Force Gear.


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