The Red Dot Checklist – Suarez International

Suarez International already offers RMR machining/installation for Glocks, the Sig 22X series handguns, and the Sig P320. They just gave the world a peak behind the curtain and apparently, they are gearing up to bring the RMR to several more handguns including the S&W M&P, HK VP9 and P30, and perhaps most notably, the excellent CZ P09/P07.

SI RMR Hit List

SI released this image which shows the handguns that they already offer RMR installations for and those which they are developing.

The P09 and Po7 in particular could benefit not only from the aiming aspects of the RMR but also the additional gripping surface for manipulating their low-profile slides. This has potential to be a very, very good set up.

Check out Suarez International’s RMR Installation page to stay up to date on their offerings.

One Response to The Red Dot Checklist – Suarez International

  1. Jonathan Page November 20, 2015 at 16:36 #

    CZ Custom has RMR ready P09 and P07s for around $850. What will be interesting is to see if they can get the irons on it, as the CZC are sans sights.

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