Armageddon Gear Rear Bags

You need a quality rear bag in your kit. If you are on the range zeroing a new rifle, it’s time to break out the rear bag. If you are in the tree stand with your rifle rested on the rail, it’s time to break out the rear bag. There are just too many ways to use a rear bag for you to leave them at home.

brick_img_6355-850x850 img_0866_x-wing_1000px-850x850

Armageddon Gear makes 2 different rear bags: The Brick and the X-Wing Enhanced Rear Bag. Tom Fuller, head honcho of Armageddon Gear, has produced a video that goes over the finer points of their rear bags and a few ideas for how to use them. The Brick Bag in particular can do some things that other rear bags just can’t do thanks to its use of grip material.

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