New from Sneaky Bags: Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches

The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches from Sneaky Bags are the type of pouches that you will never run out of ideas for how to use them. They are a great organizer option for your Sneaky Bag or any loop Velcro lined bag. They work as a typical admin organizer, a grab-and-go type E&E/survival kit, or even a tear-off medical kit.


The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches (PMOP) are compact pouches that can be mounted on you belt or fixed to loop Velcro. The back of each pouch features a covered strip of hook Velcro (just peel off the loop cover to use it) and a strip of webbing that is sewn so that it can be used as both a grab handle and belt loops. The back panel is stiffened with an insert so that the PMOP always keeps its shape.

The interior of the pouches feature 4 mesh slip pockets that are bellowed to provide some internal space. These pockets, coupled with the internal space of the pouch, provide a lot of organization potential and the ability to see through the mesh to see the contents. The pouches have a full clamshell opening (like a book) to allow you to view and access the contents.

The front of the pouch has a adjustable shock cord (bungee) weave (2 in the case of the double version) that can be used to affix items like a tourniquet.

The pouches are constructed from nylon and have at least 2 layers of material throughout. The seams are all bound and stress points are reinforced. The overbuilt quality is typical of Sneaky Bags.

I have one of each size in hand and they are pretty slick. Check out the new Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches at Sneaky Bags.

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