Gunstruction September 2015 User’s Choice Build

I always look forward to Gunstruction’s monthly User’s Choice Build. Gunstruction is an expansive and powerful virtual rifle building application that lets users explore weight, price, and aesthetics before they ever purchase a single part. The User’s Choice Build represents a combination of the most selected parts in each category by Gunstruction users.

These builds are always interesting. They often end up being an interesting blend of trendy or exotic parts and affordable parts. Some parts are classics that end up being among the most popular every month (like the Magpul MOE Plus Grip and CTR Stock). What is perhaps most amazing, is that this unintentional design-by-committee approach usually works and the resulting AR-15 is always something that most guys would be glad to add to their safe.

Check out Gunstruction’s September User’s Choice Build and start your own build while you are there.

gunstruction sept 2015

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