Daniel Defense Adds Kryptek Typhon

Daniel Defense is now offering Kryptek Typhon as an coating option on two of their AR-15 rifles. The DDM4V11 and MK12 can both be had with the new camo pattern option.

v11_typhon_l mk12_typhon_l

From Daniel Defense:

The Daniel Defense MK12 and V11 are now being offered in the Kryptek Typhon finish. The MK12 features an 18-inch stainless steel barrel and rifle length gas system while the V11 comes standard with a 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel barrel and mid-length gas system. The water-transfer printing process (also known as hydro-graphics) of this finish makes for a durable, uniform coating that holds up to and resists even the harshest environments.

Kryptek utilizes a multi-directional design to effectively conceal in a multitude of terrains that have lateral or vertical flows. The bi-level layering of the patterns incorporates background transitional shading and sharp random geometrical foregrounds to create a three-dimensional effect, ensuring the utmost in concealment at both close and long ranges. These components, combined with colorations selected and matched based on input from testing and observations from operators in the field, make Kryptek patterns optimal for many different situations

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