Shaddox Tactical Shooter’s Rest Bean Bags

In my recent review of the LMT DMR556 Stock, I mentioned that it worked well with a rear bag and I received a question from a reader about which rear bag I recommend. I use a set of Shaddox Tactical Shooter’s rest Bean bags that I purchased years ago in PenCott Badlands.

I am not a big time precision shooter so I may not pick up on the nuances of what makes one rear bag better than the next but I do know a good deal when I see one. The Shaddox Tactical Bean Bags are durable, they work very well for me, and they are affordable which is what drew me to them. I use the larger size as a rear bag and I hook the smaller bag onto my bipod or foreend for use on a barricade or rest. If you are shooting off of a shooting bench/table, you may be able to use the smaller version as a rear bag but for field shooting I recommend the larger bag.

Check out the Shooter’s Rest Bean Bags at Shaddox Tactical.

The large bag is perfect for your Sniper Glock.

The large bag is perfect for your Sniper Glock.

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