VCQB with William Petty – Official Trailer

We spend a lot of time in and around motor vehicles and not just when we are driving. They are never far away in just about any urban, suburban, and even many rural settings. In spite of this, many shooters will never have the opportunity to train in and around vehicles beyond dry fire practice which does not give the shooter a sense of what bullets do when confronted with the many and varied structures and materials found in vehicles.

All of the above highlights the importance of a video like the upcoming VCQB with William Petty. The video is being produced by media gurus at Firelance Media and it will teach you “the positions, ballistics, and methods needed to understand a close quarters engagement around a vehicle.”

Learn more about William Petty at 88 Tactical. Learn more about Firelance Media and stay up to date on the video at

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