Grey Ghost Precision Cornerstone AR-15 Lower

Grey Ghost Precision is now offering their own stripped AR-15 lower receiver. The cleverly named Cornerstone lower is a forged lower that is built to the same level of detail and tolerances as the billet lowers used on their Specter line of rifles. The lower is machined for a forging by Mega Arms to tighter than mil-spec tolerances.


It has everything you expect from a quality lower like 7075-T6 aluminum construction and a hard anodized finish. It also has some features that go over and above like pictogram selector markings, a nylon-tipped upper to lower fit tensioning screw, and a flared magazine well.

Check out the new Cornerstone lower at GGP.


One Response to Grey Ghost Precision Cornerstone AR-15 Lower

  1. Justin August 12, 2015 at 19:49 #

    $120? Really? Is it made of gold? is there a felatio attachment? Christ. “Tighter than mil-spec”? WTF does that mean? I used to work as a CNC machinist for a lower receiver manufacturer and there is no such thing as “mil-spec” tolerances. If they want to make it as close to possible to the COLT design & function specs, good for them, but it’s completely unnecessary and SOOOO not worth $120 for a FORGED lower. I’ll stick with the dozens of other lowers that function just as reliably and cost about half as much.

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