Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK

I have been wearing an Ares Gear Aegis Belt for some time now and it is easily the best everyday and CCW belt I have ever owned. I like it so much that I am considering purchasing a second one. The choice of buckle and webbing color just got a bit more complicated thanks to the addition of the new skeletonized buckle option found on the Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK.

Skeleton Buckles_01

The regular Aegis Buckle has a recessed area on the front face of the buckle. This recess is completely cut out on the SK version which exposes the webbing as it passes through the buckle.

The SK buckle is available on the Enhanced version of the Aegis Belt. It has the same double layer of 1.5″ wide super-stiff, proprietary scuba webbing as the regular Aegis Belt but with the addition of a layer of thin colored webbing.

Check out the new Aegis Enhanced Belt, SK at Ares Gear.

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